CWM Weekly Reflection

   Psalm 122


In the presence of God we are called to love, we are called to be just and are called to plant peace.

In Psalm 122 we read that David is looking forward to be in that presence of the Lord once again. To stand in Jerusalem, the magnificent city which God chose for His temple to be build and where He lived between His People. The psalm was sung during the pilgrimage that Israelites used to make to Jerusalem. Three times a year they would make the journey to celebrate the three big feast. Passover, Feast pf weeks and the feast of tabernacles were feasts to remember important moments from the Biblical history. Moments in which God's power and presence were imminent. The feast were connected to important moments for the harvest. During the feasts Israelites went to the temple to celebrate, rejoice and be thankful for the harvest by offering a part of it to God.

Being in the close vicinity of God's presence. Remembering how He was present in the past. And being thankful for what He still offered today, planted a yearning for peace in the hearts of the Israelites.

In the beginning of December we are called for our own spiritual pilgrimage towards one of Christianity's feasts; Christmas is upon us. We remember the moment God chose to become human and live among us, It reminds us of God laying down his majesty and becoming a fragile Babyboy. Advent is a time to reflect and prepare. Reflect upon what God has done in the past, where we can experience God's presence and what he is doing. We can prepare to follow God's example. Lay down our power and start being fragile, because in that fragility God chooses to be present within us.



           Robert Jan Nijland-Beltman, Face to Face participant   (Sundays with CWM every step together-2019. Sunday Devotions page 102)